How to become a wizard. On business psychology.

In the world, nothing is impossible, but human brain refuses to understand it. The brain functions in such way, that if it fails to do or to understand something, it will consider it unreal and impossible. For example, you have some information, your brain tries to analyze it, then it makes a certain probability decision.

If you want to earn 100 million dollars in two days, your brain will, first of all, evaluate how much you earn in a day, then it will multiply this sum by two and get a result, which, obviously, doesn’t correspond to 100 million dollars. Then the brain will start recalling people who succeeded to earn 100 million dollars in two days. You are very unlikely to have such people in your circles.


A person was once asked:

– Would you be able to earn 100 million dollars in a day?

– I can earn 100 million dollars in 5 minutes.

– Why precisely 5 minutes? Why not 10 minutes, half an hour or an hour?

– Well, normally the police arrive on the 6 minute.

When your brain starts searching among people you know those, who could earn 100 million dollars in two days, and fails to find anyone, it will tell you “it’s impossible”. Why? Because you are not a great tennis player who has won the Australian cup, nor you are a great physician who can easily invent a philosopher’s stone or transform plumb into gold.

The brain scans your information, scans your abilities and resources, evaluates the exterior factors and circumstances. If there are no supporting arguments found, the brain considers that this task is impossible.

Supposing, you are Russian. You’ve been living in Russia all your life and you speak a bit of English in the limits of the school curriculum. Would you be able to learn Chinese and speak it perfectly? 99.9% of our readers will respond “No, it’s impossible, because we live in Russian speaking environment”.

Let’s face the fact: more than 1.5 milliard people have done what other people think to be impossible. What is even more interesting is that not a single person among these 1.5 milliard had lost his or her motivation, but everyone achieved 100% success.


Why then does your brain claim “it’s impossible” whereas other people do it and achieve 100% result? It happens because the other people:

Have been practicing hard in this particular subject every day during several years;

Have devoted to this subject all the time necessary, often several years.

Have never thought that they couldn’t do it.

If you focus on the thought that speaking Chinese perfectly is unreal, come back to those three simple rules, which will make you do the impossible. In the world history, there were loads of things done, the things, that many people had been considering as unreal and impossible. If you stop thinking and hesitating, and if you simply start doing what you need and investing as much time as needed, you will succeed as well.


Another secret technique can turn the impossible to possible. Take a sheet of paper and write down all the actions you need to take in order to make the impossible possible. For example, you want to develop an extremely profitable business from scratch. What do you need to do to make it possible?

Start any business at all.

Become an expert in this business.

Be the best in this business.

Expand this business.

Set your business on automatic mode.

Each of these steps is expandable.

What do we need to start a business?


Register yourself as a self-employed person or create a LTD.

Start any quick business and test your idea.

Find a field where you are the most likely to succeed and have the expected results.

Study carefully other people’s experience.

Think, develop, and create your business.


Actually, impossible things almost don’t exist. If to present the impossible in steps, and each step in substeps, and each substep in sub-substeps, we’ll get a step-by-step plan of what must be done to achieve your goal. Don’t forget about these three points:

Do it every day

Devote as much time as needed and not as much time as you can.

Never hesitate in your success, just keep working.

The newly born Chinese has no choice which language he or she will have to speak. The bridges are burnt. As the result – his or her Chinese is 100% perfect. When you burn your bridges and leave no way for retreat, you have no choice except for working and achieving. Only in this case you will achieve the results.


In this world, there are almost no things that we could call impossible. Some things simply require more resources, should it be time or money.

After comparing the point A with the poiтt B, your brain will claim “it’s impossible”. But if instead of comparing the starting point with the finishing point, you analyse all the step-by-step way you have to go through to reach your goal, your brain will suddenly say “Right, let’s have a try, let’s do it”.

If you think something up or if anybody offers you something, ask yourself if it’s possible to realise or not. If your brain says that it’s not, take a piece of paper and start analysing step by step till it becomes possible.


This technique is unique because it makes your brain leave the mode of resistance and excuses (no, I can’t do that) and activates the mode of analysing and thinking (let’s think what we can do). At this moment, the brain will start honestly doing its thinking job.

By using this technique, you force your brain to create an image that corresponds to its vision of all the way he needs to go through to reach the so to say impossible goal. You start seeing everything as a whole. You don’t see it as a huge leap from the ground floor to the 100th floor, but you start seeing all the steps you need to take. This way you can estimate on which floor you will need a rest, how much food you will need to take with and where you will have to spend the night.


As soon as you picture it all, your “impossibility” will immediately turn to a clear step-by-step plan. You are not avoiding the problem, you are not afraid of the problem anymore, but on the contrary, you analyse every tiniest component of the problem and realise that it’s actually not that scary.

This article was translated to English by Valeriia Arnaud. Original article can be found here. (С) INFOBUSINESS2.RU 2016

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